Öztat doner production - We give trust in quality and freshness!

Since 1998 Öztat doner production is a certified, EU - standard production supplier of Doner Kebab products. Whether in restaurants, fast food snacks at home or on the dining table - the "true taste" of Öztat has been already enjoyed a million times.

The company was founded in 1998 by the Coskun family. The products became known very fast, thanks to their freshness and excellent taste.

The business grew rapidly and expanded its offering and service accordingly. Due to the increasing demand, the management decided to build a new, larger production facility.

The catchment area was limited in the early days on the Nuremberg area, but quickly this increased to other regions. Soon even beyond the national borders the good taste of Öztat was known. Meanwhile, Öztat doner production supplies customers in Germany and abroad.

Of course, the product range includes popular doner kebab variants such as doner from turkey, chicken, veal, and ground meet.

We provide our customers with advice and assistance in issues of equipment & catering products and doner sale.


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